HyperSpace Paignton

Five and Under Play Café

Legal Terms

Come and enjoy our dedicated under-fives play and learning environment for grownups. Enjoy (probably) the best coffee in Paignton or our delicious milkshakes or unique bubble teas while your little ones burn off lots of energy. A small frame with a limited number of children playing.

Whilst we make the greatest effort to keep the environment safe and clean, parents and carers must remain accountable for the safety and welfare of their children at all times.

Please report any injuries or incidents to staff as soon as possible.

If users of the service fail to take COVID-19 precautions, we cannot be liable for spreading this or any other disease.

Data collected will only be used for the terms it was collected, marketing, or track & trace etc. You have the right to be "forgotten" except for track and trace when data is deleted after 28 days.

Bookings. Unless 24 hours notice of cancellation is given, no refund will be provided. If the cancellation is due to COVID related issue, we will reschedule at no cost to you.

We reserve the right to decline admission to any customer.